Thursday, October 19, 2017

A few pics from a trip out west. Deck replacement, etc

Took a trailer load of composite deck lumber down to our place in South Brewster County. The old deck had lasted 10 years but was sagging. Turns out I didn't do the greatest job of framing the supports where they attached to the main tin shack joists. That and a porch roof leak that dribbles onto these boards did add to the failure. But it's fixed correctly now, and composite decking is supposed to last many years. Even had to use special screws to attach to joists. Nice and smooth now, without warping, cracking and nail heads sticking up.
I took a helper along to assist, just had to keep several beers in an ice chest during all waking hours and keep him fed.

Pics not in exact order.


And finally locking the gate as we left. Hate to leave the place... but needed to get home and needed a break from my helper's constant chatter and moodiness.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Trailer Trash Make Over....and my Barbie Dolls..!!!

Metal skirting and fresh paint makes a huge improvement.

Now we are lacking handrail paint and fencing for a few ankle biter dogs.

Yesterday was my grandson's birthday whoop-de-doo. My wife cranked out another fabulous birthday cake. Shark themed party, obviously.
I had to donate one of my prized Barbie Dolls, and ripped two limbs off for cake decorations.

 I have a box full of Barbies from my wife's garage sale purchase years ago. I'm planning an elaborate art project using them.
Maybe while I'm stuck inside on a cold rainy winter day I'll get started. Hobby Lobby... here I come!!

There must be 30 or more dolls, never counted them.
Only see one Ken doll.... no wonder he's grinning like a Possum.

Trying to get free from things that keep popping up here and make a trip out west in a couple of weeks.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Blue Box of Misery

Well, summer is winding down, temps unusually cool for early Sept in North TX now. The mobile home next door is now occupied by my Mom-in-Law. Just buttoning up a few loose ends now. It's been a long summer of fixing EVERYTHING on this old mobile home. New roof, floor deck fixes, New hot water heater, replacing all the ductwork for the AC, etc, etc.

Rear covered porch, and small front porch (with ramp) is built...lacks painting.

She had her two portable sheds hauled out 35 miles to this location.

One of them (a Lowe's product..very cheaply made), kinda fell apart on the drive out here.
But we got it patched back together, since they picked up the sidewall that blew off.

Propane tank setup, pressure tested, and after a couple of parts replaced, was filled up for winter at $1.80 per gallon.

The other, older, and much better constructed shed, made the trip with no issues.
Trailer skirting begins today...then exterior painting on the blue box of Misery.

Me and 2 of my 3 grandkids. 
My third grankiddo.

And my ever faithful sidekick.."Mojo"
That's all for now.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trip to Brewster County recently

Now we're back home dealing with the misery of getting this mobile home set up and ready to occupy soon. Newly discovered plumbing leaks, AC duct system needs further repairs, or total replacement.  Soft floor deck where prior roof leaks had been covered up and painted over by the pious "Good Christian" seller. (I thought I had learned better... to not deal with a Bible-thumper in a transaction. Been screwed every time in the past.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Our Tornado shed finally arrived.
11,000 lbs, monolithic poured concrete box. Precast roof.
3/8" thick steel door.
Only 6'x6' but at least it's a place to go when Mr Twister comes a knockin'.
Shipped down from Ohio or Illinois, or some Yankee state up there.

 Really ingenious shed off loading apparatus. Lifts up box on legs, truck drives out from under it, lets box down onto gravel pad (by me). He can shift box left/right ,and back and forth a bit to fine tune location.

Hitting the rock at about 16" down with auger anchors. But these only keep box from sliding or rotating. With me inside it'll be nearly 6 tons. More than three 1975 Cadillacs weigh. Well almost.

Now I guess we'll just sit around and wait for a tornado?


Monday, July 10, 2017

Mobile home arrangements

We've been busy all summer getting a used 1983 single wide mobile home set up on the spare lot next to ours. This will be a home for my wife's Mom who is getting up in age a bit and needs to be closer to us.
My wife insists we paint over that bright blue.!!

Trailer delivery was delayed by late spring rains, but finally did make it. Septic system install was also slowed by rains, but more so due to encountering hard rock. (Also ran the price up). When you hit a solid rock layer it changes the design of the system such that a large 4-5' deep pit, that is 25' x 30' in size, has to be dug out, then filled back with sandy select allow for proper percolating.

After septic finished and covered. Need grass seed now.

I now have 12 loads (15 tons each) of leftover hard sandstone rock piled at the rear of my 2 acres, to be used for all sorts of neato yard projects.(Not).

Water line is in the ground, water meter going in today. Power company overhead line feed nearly complete.

Just like buying a used car, an older trailerhome can have hidden issues. This one has a few roof leaks we found after some recent rains. New overlay metal roof going on next week. I just hope the AC is useable once we get that reconnected...if not I'll go with a couple of "mini-split" units to heat and cool the place. Much more efficient with electricity and less than half the price of a new central heat and cool system. And so whisper quiet you can hardly tell it's running. Heat pump units are only slightly higher than the cool-only units.

Still have front and back porch and decks to build. She says she "doesn't want a ramp", but we'll make accommodation for one to be added in future.

I found a nice used $250 propane tank on Craigslist, as this is a propane heated/hwh/range home. Just need to set it in place and connect it.

My wife has been removing loose kitchen wallpaper with plans to seal it and paint walls here. Just to brighten it up a bit.

Skirting will happen with deck building, not a requirement in my run-down neighborhood, but keeps out cold winter winds and critters.

One good thing...we are outside the City Limits of our little no building inspections or fees/permits to deal with. Only septic had to be permitted and inspected.

We've been trying to get away for a trip to Brewster County, but mobile home related stuff has kept that from happening. At least it looks like the hot assuming summer temps have broken out there, and the yearly "rainy season" has begun. (A bit sooner than usual, but not complaining!)

We sure miss spending cabin time out west, maybe we can zip down for a short trip soon?