Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sanford & Son - South Brewster Co style (updated)

Example of why I got this cargo van in the first place....JUNK collecting!! (I cleaned up that old roof top commercial dryer vent fan, and it works great.)

 Jack the Ripper....chillin' on the folding chair side table (when Littlefoot stood up, the chair tilted and Jack hopped/fell off)
A pic of a unique "cat copter" remote controlled ...something I found online one day. If I just had the copter guts....I have plenty of cats.
Here's just a small sample of my wonderful junk drying year after year in the West Texas Sunshine. Those 2x6s were pretty straight 3 yrs ago, when I bought them salvaged from near Mineral Wells TX. Not so much anymore.
 I saved several exterior doors - metal 36" with jambs, weatherstripping and thresholds....some with keys to fit. (need to sell a few of these for $50 each...they are only about 4-5 yrs old)

And have a few wood 36" doors - no jambs.
More junk pics to come soon....I know you can't wait!!