Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sittin' on Santa's lap.

At the bank yesterday they asked me if I wanted to get a pic with Santa. It was free so I said "hell yes". I guess they ran outta kids to photograph for the moment.

When I walked up to sit in his lap, he had a slightly worried look in his eye.

They wheeled him out in a gurney to the medic van with a fractured femur bone.

guess that blows my Christmas wishes all to hell.

Bah Humbug!!

(wow, 2 posts in a year.....not too stellar, huh?)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Update pics, big corporate waste... and other crapola

 These are the clouds outside our house west of FTW the late afternoon of the Big OK Tornado.
Weird huh?
I bought some fresh whole cow's milk I bought at a nearby farmers roadside market down the road from our home. Damn tasty stuff...but soon to be outlawed so big Agribiz-UScorpGovt can make me buy only grocery store milk...with aspartame soon to be added (but a law passed now that aspartame additions will NOT be on the label) I need to get a cow and get my nipple squeezing hands in shape.

Feral cats. The 2 on the golf cart platform are granny and her daughter. I think they are lesbo because they always hang around side by side and rub on each other. Even tho daughter has her own litter. Counted 14 cats now when all three litters come out of hiding at dinner time.
Took at trip to South Brewster County last wknd. It was wonderful as always, but way too short a visit, as always. Good to see friends and neighbors again.

Sunset with Ocotillo plant (we missed the blooming)

View of Packsaddle, Hen Egg and Panther Mountains 7-8 miles to the southwest

Porch of a cabin, Christmas Mtns in distance

American Legion regular customer..and his 1980s Ford F150 still hanging on
Sunday afternoon at the Legion covered patio
Blogger stretched this one out horizontally, cant fix it, but you get  it.

Some of you may realize I went back to work after 3 yrs out of work, then 1 year as a stupidentendant on a HUD rehab of a 48 yr old project. Now I'm back to an office job as a project manager in multifamily const. I can't figure out how we are having a boom in apt const lately, with so many folks in tough times, thanks to the Govt-BigBank-Big Corp partnership that is ruining our country and the world...but I'll ride it while I can.

The firm I work for purchased two large office bldgs in North Dallas that we are going to demolish and build apts on the land. These are 2 side by side five story bldgs with full basements. Built in mid-late 1970s. Over 500,000 SF between the 2 bldgs.  When the major corporation that built and owned these 2 bldgs  moved out they left all their furniture behind. I guess they'll just buy more. These bldgs were occupied and used less than 4 months ago, when we closed on them. Now I'm charged with trying to sell all this useful stuff to some liquidators. Better than it all going to the landfill. Not brand new stuff, but still lots of useful life left in it.
Bottom floor cafeteria

Typical modular file cabinet units

Basement air compressor - 480 volts
Exterior of the two twin 5 story bldgs

Front entry of one bldg, nice park like area between them

Typical training room full of tables, several of these rooms all around the bldgs

Another training room

Computer room with aluminum computer racks

Floor after floor of work stations

There are about 5 sets of these parking lot perimeter double gates I plan to haul away.

Fire hose cabinets all around the bldg. Would like to get these for the Volunteer Fire Dept in South Brewster Co. They are not heavy duty hoses, but maybe they could use the valves and nozzles?
Wall of air filters in the basement

Nice Park like area between bldgs...we are going to save these oaks and work them into the site plan for the new apt bldgs

Typical room full of desk chairs.
Also, I have a project in Austin on which we hired an outside GC to handle the construction. This has a 2 level parking garage below grade. Located in downtown Austin. There are a lot of apt projects going up in Austin now. Someone told me there are 27 projects underway there. But as always, when it shuts down it will shut down first in Austin, then elsewhere. Austin const boom turns off like a faucet. Saw it in the late 80's and other times too.
Drilling garage piers

Last but not least is Ms Sandy our guard-donkey, to keep the coyotes from killing anymore of our barbado sheep. I let them into the back yard for a few days before I mow it.

Whew...that's it...and amazingly, blogger was fast and worked flawlessly this time...let's see if I can publish this now.?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random pics from Brewster County

 Nine Points Mesa
 Rain over Taurus Mesa
 Rain behind Agua Fria Mtn
 Chillin on da porch
Agua Fria sunset

Some random roadside canyon down Taurus Mesa Rd
My 2 big PV panels 235watts each - 24V

Pug and Kero heater - still life

 Golf cart after"enhancements"
 Me and Walter, the hawg farmer
 my move
 slingin' lead in Brewster Co
 The big white box
 "where bath tubs wait for rain"
 van loaded for the road....this was before the lift kit (now it will not fit)

sunrise over Christmas Mtns