Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weber midget grill and more garden progress.

I found a good deal on a low level BBQ grill a few days ago. And I figured I'd have to dig a hole to stand in while using it, or modify the grill somehow. The grilling surface was about 3" higher than my kneecap.

I dug a shallow ring around a young Red Oak tree in the yard, and filled it with a few shovels of alpaca poop. Maybe it will grow faster this year.....we will see.

Garden is coming along pretty well, and we have had a good deal of rain in North TX over the last month, and more coming in the next few days. 
Same shot about 40 days later.
My new dog MoJo...part blue heeler, smart feller

And our other dog...she's kinda ratty lookin'....Lizzy

My Texas native grass mix....mostly buffalo grass it seems...fenced off to keep rabbits and Lizzy out.

Dat's all folks.