Friday, May 8, 2015

West TX trip pics...Garden update.....(rain,rain...GO Away!)

RAIN RAIN RAIN in NE Texas..!! (when will it ease up?)

Forecast here doesn't show any full sunny days for the next 10 days...either thundershowers, overcast or partly cloudy at best. It's muggy as hell out today, skeeters swarming like flies unless there is a breeze blowing. I'm getting low on "OFF" spray, have to use that stuff EVERY time you step out side. Grass (what little I have - really just weeds) needs mowing twice a week nearly.

Last time I checked somewhere online....ALL the NE Texas lakes are full or 85% full - and that was 2-3 weeks ago. Bet they are all full now. Out in Central/West TX....not so much.

Funny how the main stream TV news channels locally freak out when we have a drought, but then when we are running way over yearly rainfall totals and lakes are brimming full....they don't even mention this fact. (not a scary enough news topic to keep us all stirred up, I reckon?) But I don't even watch MSM's mostly guv BS fed to us all.

Here are a few garden pics.

 Here are my strawberries in potting soil experiment....middle bag is "garden soil"...pretty lame. All planted within 2 days of each other. And, as you see, planted too close together. But we get a few strawberries each day....less since the sun went away a couple weeks ago.
 I have a crap-load of small to medium sized healthy green tomatoes...guess we oughta pluck a few for a nice pan of Fried Green Maters..?? I think it will take some UV Rays to get them to turn red eventually.
 Sort of an overall pic here of the main garden area. May 8 status...(surprised these pics even turned out with all the skeeters around my head.)
 This is my little area of Native TX grass mix....$100 for a 10# bag....fenced off to keep barbedo ewe out and rabbits too.
 Zukees and bell and banana peppers here.
2 rows of red potatoes....I think?....forgot what I bought and planted back around March 1. Before the ice and snow that hit us twice the first week of March.
Two long rows of onions, planted March 1....coming along pretty well.

And now...a few pics from a trip out west last week...

 Ocotillo plants...some leafed out...others next to them not leafed out.??
 Sunset...MOON set at 7AM one morning looking at west horizon and zoomed in.
Sunrise over Nine Points Mesa.