Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Our Tornado shed finally arrived.
11,000 lbs, monolithic poured concrete box. Precast roof.
3/8" thick steel door.
Only 6'x6' but at least it's a place to go when Mr Twister comes a knockin'.
Shipped down from Ohio or Illinois, or some Yankee state up there.

 Really ingenious shed off loading apparatus. Lifts up box on legs, truck drives out from under it, lets box down onto gravel pad (by me). He can shift box left/right ,and back and forth a bit to fine tune location.

Hitting the rock at about 16" down with auger anchors. But these only keep box from sliding or rotating. With me inside it'll be nearly 6 tons. More than three 1975 Cadillacs weigh. Well almost.

Now I guess we'll just sit around and wait for a tornado?



  1. Never heard of such a thing. What's it made out of Carbon fiber?

    1. Poured concrete and rebar. Check out their website for how the make them. The delivery truck device was pretty amazing in itself.

  2. I tried to access this post yesterday but it told me it did not exist, glad you re-posted it.

    Much like David, I had never heard of this before. Went to their website and checked out one of their videos. Seems like a good investment if you are in a tornado prone area.

    Like insurance it is good to have but hope you don't ever have to use it.

  3. Yep, Ms B...we just hafta turn on our weather radio those nights that tornado activity is expected...listen carefully, then hot-foot it out the back yard to this little shed for awhile.
    You take care.