Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trip to Terlingua..Last week

Made a quick week long trip out west last week, weather warm, but mostly breezy and nice.

Our previous trip found a back door with broken glass and ALL food items gone, along with some blankets, bedrolls, and tarps. Obviously just immigrants passing through needing survival stuff. Most of the canned foods were getting a little overall - no biggie. Except the busted out door glass. I just screwed some scrap plywood OSB over the opening and it was still in place when we got there last week. Nothing else missing or damaged.
This is the new doorway, exterior shot...shorter now. Not the previous 8' tall salvage door.

This one is standard 6-8 door. Less likely to flex during strong head on wind blasts. Still need to close up header opening in this pic.

Got to take a ride in a good neighbor's classic Falcon...nice, comfy, powerful ride down to Study Butte one morning.

This was the view from his place while we were munching on hot dogs one evening. Rains developing over Christmas Mtns but all  moved north it seems.

Small tin shack belonging to a feller I know pretty well.

Rain clouds and thunderheads brewing up many miles to the east one evening. Beyond Christmas Mtns I'm guessing.

Sunset at neighbor's place...but phone camera doesn't do it justice.

Oh, and I got to see Rhonda H of Badlands Texas fame at the Cotton Wood Store.! Too shy to request an autograph, I just blankly stared down at the peanut package display as she walked out.

Lotta bird life, honey bees.....quail coveys (covies?) this trip and a teenage cotton tail rabbit that was sighted several times around the place.

Last couple of days there were very windy...guessing 15-20 mph breezes. Couple of warm nights, but with a water bottle mister and a 12 volt Comfort Breeze fan blowing across me and hooked to a Walmart car battery on the floor.....not bad. It cooled off after midnight...and sometimes a good breeze was hustling through the place some/most of the time at night. (always leaving both doors and all windows open - in spite of Cone Nose threat - no bites this time)

Planning on a return trip in a couple of weeks. But it will be warmer then....will have to drag out the swamp cooler and get it shoved in a window for some heat relief. (sure does use the water though)

Noticed THREE NEW PORTABLE SHEDS on different land tracts that have been moved in down close to 118 along our road leading into our place. Crap...!!! This place is gonna get crowded..!! 10 yrs ago we had one neighbor nearby within 2-3 it seems there are 9.

Okay....see y'all later..!!


  1. Glad you were able to make it to your cabin in my favorite desert.

    Loved the pictures.

  2. Haven't been blogging much for a while. Just noticed your post. See you again soon I hope.