Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Other items to consider..

 My buddy Jackie, that helped me building the west TX cabin passed away a few months ago. He was 58.

John Wells, The Field Lab blogger, that was a distant neighbor of the cabin, and performed our wedding at his place nearly 14 years ago, recently passed away.

David Smith, another cabin neighbor and good friend, passed away a couple years ago.

Another cabin neighbor and at one time, a good friend, James J-------

has not been seen since Trump was elected in 2016. I knew he was Left in his politics, but we never got into any deep discussions about it. He simply cut all ties and stopped communicating. We enjoyed many meals and pleasant visits with James over several years when we were visiting the cabin. It's a shame the Lefties can be such vicious haters of anyone that thinks differently than they do. James didn't pass, he's always on FB posting.

The porch roof blew off the cabin during an odd 60mph windstorm coming from the south.  Just ripped the entire porch Roof and 2 cedar posts up and whisked it over the top of the cabin and dropped it 50 feet behind the building. We weren't there when it happened, but I would like to have been.! (Rebuilt now with metal framing)

As for local life...another gardening year has commenced.  I started from seeds indoors with a grow light, a few weeks too soon, and my Solo Cup seedlings were big and healthy by the time I could set them out, waiting for the chilly nights to recede from the calendar. And a made 21 tomato seedlings..... Had to give away a few, not enough places to plant them here. I've got 4 acres here, but lots trees, and soil is sandy or rocky.  I use wicking tubs and a small raised bed box garden.

Cilantro, yellow squash, a couple varieties of cucumbers, bell peppers, and jalapeno are in the ground.  Oh, and several garlic plants.

I'm hoping for a long growing season before the late June temps begin broiling the plants about the same time the grasshoppers begin munching on everything in the garden.

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